CFAHome is the employee portal website used by Chick-fil-A to provide workplace tools, communication channels and resources accessible to corporate and restaurant-level team members. The online platform aims to connect all CFA staff under one convenient, secure login hub no matter their geographic location or role.

Logging into CFAHome opens access to individual employee schedules, company news/updates, HR services, payroll details, training materials and more depending on permissions. It’s a valuable portal both corporate and individual restaurant employees utilize day-to-day.

How Can I Login to

All official Chick-fil-A employees receive unique login credentials including an assigned username and temporary password.

To access the CFAHome portal as a restaurant or corporate staffer, simply:

  1. Go to in your web browser.
  2. Enter your designated CFAHome username provided upon hiring.
  3. Input the temporary password communicated to you originally by your hiring manager.
  4. Click Sign In.

You will then be prompted to create a new permanent password following displayed rules for complexity on the first login attempt. Once your new password is saved, you’ll access the CFAHome portal dashboard applicable to your access level.

What are the System Requirements to Connect?

CFAHome aims to be compatible with most modern web browsers and devices to support access needs of the diverse workforce. Recommended browsers include recent versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Edge.

For best results, ensure your browser is updated automatically to the latest version. Clearing cookies/data and reloading if experiencing login or page issues is also advised. Using private or incognito modes when browsing CFAHome is not recommended and can cause technical difficulties.

Employees can login from any desktop, laptop, tablet or modern smartphone with an HTML5-compatible browser and active internet connection. This allows ubiquitous access to workplace tools from whichever device is most convenient rather than limiting portal availability.

How Do I Register for a CFAHome Account?

Registration for payroll employees happens automatically upon hiring as unique login credentials are generated and provided by the hiring manager.

However, non-payroll employees like volunteer directors can request portal access by having their operator email a request with the individual’s role and basic details to [email protected].

Support will create an account in approximately 3 business days after receiving an access request email. So volunteers or temporary staff should proactively request registration if granted usage by their operator.

Benefits of CFAHome Login

CFAHome brings various benefits for Chick-fil-A employees and managers by centralizing access to workplace services.

For employees, key benefits include:

  • Viewing schedules and shifts in real-time
  • Checking workplace communications
  • Requesting time off
  • Accessing payroll details and tax forms
  • Completing required trainings and tracking program progress
  • Downloading workplace policies, procedures and resources

For managers, main benefits are:

  • Managing schedules and shifts
  • Approving time off requests
  • Monitoring inventory and placing supply orders
  • Pulling sales, labor and other key reports
  • Communicating news and updates to their team
  • Accessing performance management tools

With everything in one secure online portal, CFAHome enables convenience, efficiency, and effective communication.

How to Recover Your CFAHome Login Password

If you forget or misplace the password granting access into your CFAHome profile, recovering it is quick and simple without needing to contact company support.

The self-service password reset functionality allows you to easily regain access by:

  1. Clicking ‘Forgot your password?’ on the CFAHome login page.
  2. Entering either your full username or the email address linked to your employee account.
  3. Answering the prompted security question populated from your personal details.
  4. Creating and confirming a new password that meets complexity rules shown.

Once your new password is set, you can login seamlessly using that updated credential going forward. This recovery option prevents any productivity loss from forgotten passwords.

How to Unlock Your CFAHome Account

If your CFAHome account becomes locked after too many incorrect login attempts within a short period, don’t panic. The activation lock is a protective measure but can be instantly unlocked using CFA’s automated self-service utility.

To instantly unlock a temporarily deactivated profile:

  1. Click the ‘Unlock Account’ link on the login screen.
  2. Enter your username or connected email address when asked.
  3. Click Submit to trigger an immediate account unlock.
  4. Try logging in again as usual with your proper credentials.

Employees find this self-service quite useful for rapidly regaining access after accidental lockouts from incorrect passwords being entered multiple times.

CFAHome Mobile Access App

With a distributed workforce across corporate campus and thousands of restaurants, Chick-fil-A developed a custom mobile app for accessing CFAHome from anywhere.

The CFAHome Mobile App allows employees to conveniently tap into workplace news, documents, personal pay details and tools right from iOS and Android devices securely.

App functionality mirrors the desktop portal for seamless omnichannel access including:

· Push notifications
· Password-free login
· Pay statement review
· Training materials
· Operator messaging

Download is available on the App Store and Google Play. The app augments mobility and aligns with modern remote, flexible workforce preferences.

Story and History of Chick-fil-A

Originally founded in 1967 as Dwarf House, Chick-fil-A has grown from one Georgia restaurant into the nation’s top quick-service chicken concept with over 2,600 locations across 47 states and Canada. The company saw 48+ straight years of annual sales growth up until 2020.

Key milestones in the brand’s rapid expansion include:

· 1967 – First franchised Chick-fil-A opened in suburban Atlanta mall

· 1977 – 100th restaurant opened

· 1982 – Company surpassed $100 million in system-wide sales

· 2014 – Achieved 47 consecutive years of positive sales growth

· 2019 – Rose to become 3rd top selling U.S. fast food chain after McDonald’s and Starbucks

Chick-fil-A’s famous chicken sandwich took the brand from small regional chain into an international powerhouse with intense customer loyalty throughout consistent customer service and product quality.


How do I obtain CFAHome login credentials?

Restaurant operators and corporate managers provide login information including unique usernames and temporary passwords to individual employees upon hiring.

I lost my CFAHome login information. What should I do?

You can quickly reset passwords or look up forgotten usernames completely online without contacting company support. Self-service password tools exist right on the CFAHome login page.

Can I login to CFAHome from my phone?

Yes! The CFAHome mobile app allows password-free access. Just download from your device app store then login leveraging fast biometrics like face/touch ID.

What internet browsers work best to access CFAHome?

The portal aims for ubiquitous access supporting all modern browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge across the latest versions. Keep browsers set to update automatically.

Who can I contact for login issues or errors accessing CFAHome?

Start by contacting your restaurant operator if access troubles occur. For systemic application issues, email [email protected] detailing the specific error received for troubleshooting assistance.


We hope this article provided helpful information regarding how to login and leverage Chick-fil-A’s useful CFAHome internal portal. As the company continues expanding, the centralized workplace tools and communication channels create alignment across the enterprise.

New hires should follow provided credentials to login then explore functionality like schedules, pay stubs, documentation and onboarding resources. Existing employees can utilize the desktop site or mobile app to stay connected from anywhere conveniently.

Don’t hesitate to leverage automated password or account assistance utilities if you ever have login trouble. And proactively register volunteer support roles not in the payroll system to open access. With easy accessibility and robust capabilities, CFAHome drives productivity and unity through one hub!

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