With over 20 years of operation, CFAHome has an extensive history marked by steady expansion, key mergers and acquisitions, major technology implementations, added service lines, and more. We’ve grown from a small, local property management company to a sizable regional leader through strategic moves guided by our commitment to revolutionizing the renter experience.

Below we detail key milestones over the decades that showcase how CFAHome has evolved and set the stage for future growth.

1990s – Local Beginnings

CFAHome was founded in 1995 by Carlton family members Amanda Carlton and Alex Armand. The sister-brother duo sought to create a property management company that truly cared for renters by offering exceptional service with a personal touch. They focused on the metro areas near their hometown and built a reputation for responsive issue resolution and friendly staff.

The company slowly acquired single-family homes, condos, and 2-4 unit buildings for management. By digitizing documents and using early database software, CFAHome set itself apart with more organized records than competitors. These operational efficiencies allowed rapid expansion across several communities with over 500 units under management by 1999.

2000-2010 – First Acquisitions & Technology Investment

Seeking to expand its footprint, CFAHome made its first major acquisitions in 2002 and 2004 adding nearly 800 units primarily in one new metro region. This established an operational model for entering new markets which fueled further geographic growth.

CFAHome also invested heavily in technology during this period as Amanda’s son Clark joined the team. He upgraded database software, onboarded web-based documentation systems, and began digitizing communications. These systems consolidated records, enabled remote team collaboration, provided client self-service, and laid crucial groundwork for future software magic.

2010-2020 – Record Growth & Service Expansions

This decade marked CFAHome’s evolution into one of the region’s largest property management players. As financing became readily available post-2008 crash, the company went on an acquisition spree taking advantage of recovering asset values. Competitor purchases and multiple mergers added over 5,000 additional rental units under management between 2012-2015 alone.

Apart from growth, CFAHome expanded service lines including full-scale eviction processing, dedicated maintenance crews, and homeowner association administration services. Centralized contact centers and standardized operating processes supported this volume expansion. Marketing was also formalized with social media, review platforms, and paid lead generation providing a bounty of owner and renter leads.

2020s and Beyond – PropTech Innovations

Now under third-generation family leadership, CFAHome strives to be at the forefront of property technology with investments in advanced platforms over the last 5 years. We’ve implemented AI analytics for predictive modeling, automated marketing systems with CRM, mobile applications, automated risk analyses, smart home integrations, self-guided rental tours, and more PropTech to better compete.

With an eye toward the future, we know technology and savvy operations will enable the next phase of unprecedented growth through economies of scale. Our history proves just how far determination to overcome obstacles and serve happy renters can take a business. We can’t wait to see what innovations and opportunities the coming decades will bring!

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