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CFAHome’s official mobile app puts the tools and resources you need to succeed with the CFA Program in the palm of your hand. Available for iOS and Android devices, the CFAHome app allows you to study, practice, and stay on top of exam prep no matter where you are.

What You Can Do With the App

As a fully featured extension of our popular online platform, the CFAHome mobile app enables users to:

  • Access CFA Program study materials like textbooks, videos, mock exams, and more
  • Read, highlight, and take notes on curriculum eBooks
  • Save study materials for offline access when internet connectivity is limited
  • Create and manage study schedules customized to your exam date
  • Get practice questions and mocks tests by topic or exam level
  • Review historical performance data to improve weak areas
  • Track study progress toward completion goals
  • Receive push notification reminders for study sessions, tasks, and milestones
  • View latest news related to the CFA exams and charter
  • Connect with mentors and study groups via in-app messaging
  • Earn achievement badges for usage milestones to stay motivated

With this robust toolset, the CFAHome app serves as an all-in-one mobile companion for supplemental or primary studying on the go.

Key App Features

User Profiles & Progress Tracking

The CFAHome app revolves around user profiles tailored to your specific exam level, test date, custom study schedule, and personal performance data. Features include:

  • Multi-level profiles for CFA Level 1, 2, and 3 exams
  • Synced progress tracking connecting app and web usage
  • Personalized study statistics with strengths/weaknesses
  • Completion status to reaching study plan milestones
  • Earned achievement badges and streaks for motivation

Whether studying for your first exam or final level, the app captures usage across devices to maintain a unified view of your prep progress.

eBook Reader & Notetaking

Deepen your comprehension of CFA curriculum with integrated eBook studying tools.

  • Download textbooks, study guides, standards documents
  • Bookmark key sections
  • Highlight and annotate paragraphs
  • Insert notes linked to text passages
  • Search content across all eBook materials
  • Share excerpts to study groups

With quick access to thousands of pages of critical concepts via the eBook reader, you can dissect the content needed to pass.

Practice Question Bank

CFAHome’s database of over 20,000 practice questions lets you rehearse and reinforce lessons learned.

  • Drill questions by topic, learning objective, or exam level
  • Receive hints and explanations for all multiple choice answers
  • Build custom quiz sets for repetition
  • Enable exam question mode with timer
  • Review historical performance by topic

Repeated practice through bite-sized quizzes identifies where further review is required prior to test day.

Mock Exams & Section Tests

Evaluate exam readiness by taking mock tests modelling the real CFA exams.

  • Attempt mock exams matching actual test format
  • Sit section tests for focused rehearsal
  • Review session history and grade trends
  • Learn from answer explanations
  • Discover knowledge gaps to guide remaining study prep

Simulate the real high-pressure exam environment with mocks for reliable confidence checks leading up to test day.

Notifications & Reminders

Never miss a study commitment with app-driven nudges for your schedule.

  • Enable push notifications to complete tasks
  • Set reminder alerts for study sessions, breaks, milestones
  • View upcoming study commitments on calendar
  • Reschedule items with drag and drop ease

Consistent notifications keep you accountable to follow-through on your study plan.

Study Groups & Mentorin

Connect with a community of like-minded candidates for advice, knowledge sharing and moral support.

  • Join existing groups related to your exam level and location
  • Create new groups centered on topics or demographics
  • Initiate or answer discussions in the community feed
  • Direct message group admins and members
  • Request seasoned mentors to advise your study plan

Camaraderie can make the intense CFA journey less daunting through shared tips and peer bonding around the globe or just next door.

Stay Informed

Receive essential CFA exam updates the moment they are announced via the integrated newsfeed.

  • Read late-breaking stories on registration, test centers, results, etc.
  • Browse articles relevant to candidates
  • Watch informational videos from administrators
  • Subscribe to specific news categories
  • Configure push alert settings for key news

Being in-the-know on exam developments takes away uncertainty leading up to your test date.

Together these features make the CFAHome mobile app a versatile toolbox supporting self-driven candidates wherever their studies take them.


Here are answers to common questions about the CFAHome mobile application:

What devices and operating systems support the app?

The app works on Apple iOS devices version 14 and greater as well as Android phones and tablets running version 12 or higher. Download from the App Store or Google Play.

Does all content require an internet connection?

Much of the study material can be downloaded to your device for offline access when WiFi or mobile data is unavailable. This includes eBooks, some practice questions, and non-dynamic info.

Is the mobile app free for all users?

Yes, the app is free to download. Many features are accessible free as well like community discussions and some sample questions. Premium tools do require an affordable CFAHome subscription.

Can my subscription extend across the mobile and web platforms?

Absolutely. Your CFAHome account and access works seamlessly across both our website and mobile applications while allowing you to study from any location.

How can I ask other questions about the mobile experience?

Our in-app support center has extensive FAQs along with options to submit inquiries not already answered. The Community tab also lets you ask peers for assistance.


In an exam journey that requires hundreds of hours of preparation, convenience and consistency are key. By extending its core set of CFA exam study tools into an iOS and Android app, CFAHome empowers busy candidates to deeply prepare for testing success no matter where demands take them.

Leverage our official mobile application for learning curriculum, analysing performance data, rehearsing with thousands of questions, sitting mock tests, connecting with your community for advice, and keeping up with need-to-know CFA updates. The CFAHome app provides the accessible, personalized, and comprehensive support to meet today’s mobile lifestyle while unlocking your potential CFA success.

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