CFAHome is the custom online portal provided by Chick-fil-A for employees to manage work information. To utilize helpful features like checking schedules, requesting off days, completing training, or accessing W2s, new hires must first register for a CFAHome account.

Receiving Your CFAHome Registration Email The CFAHome registration process kicks off when you receive an email from the Chick-fil-A HR department prior to your start date. This welcome email contains:

  • A personalized username created for you
  • A temporary password
  • Activation link to set up your account

You cannot register successfully until you receive this initial email with your provisioned login credentials.

Activating Your Unique CFAHome Account

The activation email from HR provides the necessary link to activate your assigned CFAHome username. Simply click and you will be guided through the following steps:

  1. Answer and set up three security questions of your choice.
  2. Create a new strong password that meets complexity criteria like minimum length and special characters.
  3. Confirm your desired password again for accuracy.
  4. Review and accept the CFAHome Terms of Use.
  5. Click to complete your activation and set up two-factor authentication if prompted.

Accessing CFAHome on Mobile Devices In addition to web browser access, Chick-fil-A offers an official CFAHome mobile app available for iOS and Android devices.

You can download and install this app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. The app conveniently mirrors functionality of the website optimized for tapping and swiping on a smartphone.

Be sure to allow notifications so you receive alerts about shift changes, time-off approvals, announcements and more while on the go.

Setting Up Two-Factor Authentication For enhanced account security, Chick-fil-A requires CFAHome users to enable two-factor authentication after registration via:

  • Google Authenticator app generating codes
  • SMS text messages
  • Email verification links

You will be guided through linking your mobile device or contact information during the activation process. Two-factor authentication adds an extra ID confirmation layer before gaining CFAHome portal access.

Recovering Access to a CFAHome Account If you ever get locked out of CFAHome, click the “Forgot Password” link on the login page and input your registered username to recover access.

After correctly answering security questions set during activation, you can create a new password. An email confirmation may also be required to re-authenticate.

This self-service process allows convenient restoration of employee login credentials if forgotten or misplaced.

Key Takeaways With a CFAHome account officially activated using the secure provisioning email from HR, Chick-fil-A staff gain a helpful hub to manage work needs, communicate with leadership and stay informed. Ensuring proper setup of this exclusive employee portal allows for a streamlined administrative experience.

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